About Us – Libra Resourcing

About Us

Libra Resourcing was founded in 2018 with the aim of establishing excellence in nearshore and offshore development for companies in need of skilled IT resources.

Our business model is highly focused on acquiring deep knowledge of the internal solutions and processes applied by our clients. The key element of our business model is to establish teams around senior resources who become strategic and integral parts of our clients’ organizations.

We have 8+ years of experience in establishing and accommodating high-performing software development teams for IT companies. We specialize in establishing teams of highly skilled IT developers that act as dedicated resources on behalf of our customers. Once you establish a team with us, it will become an integral part of your organization and will work exclusively for you. The team is essentially owned by you, as we never share resources between our clients’ respective teams.

Why choose us?
With up to 65% savings per employee, the financial benefits of establishing a dedicated team with LR are evident. The quality of the resources and the ability to scale your resourcing needs promptly and efficiently are likewise important benefits you will get by establishing a team with us.
LR is managed by a Danish-Macedonian mangement team that have vast experiences from both the IT and financial sectors. We continuously strive to maintain our Scandinavian corporate culture represented by a flat organizational hierarchy, which is highly appreciated amongst our local talents.
Libra Resourcing is in the business of fulfilling your resourcing needs with talented nearshore employees that work as integrated parts of your organization. We accomplish this by providing dedicated and highly-skilled teams of IT resources that will acquire the necessary knowledge of your company’s products, processes, culture and overall business.
What you see is what you get. We offer full transparency with the resources provided – from the initial interviews of the potential candidates, to the salaries of your chosen employees. Our pricing model is furthermore fixed and transparent, meaning that our customers get full oversight of the employees’ salaries, along with our profits and overhead costs.