Build a dedicated team – Libra Resourcing
We help you build software development teams that belong to and are managed by you. Contrary to traditional outsourcing models, we believe that you achieve better results by hiring your own dedicated team abroad. Aside from getting loyal employees, who commit to your company on both a personal and professional level, you will be able to scale your team(s) fast and efficiently with skilled resources at cost-competitive prices.


Establish your own dedicated team with LR and let us help you retain and facilitate it long-term.

1. Research

Your company resourcing is
initiated with our local talent research
(database and active
headhunting) and likewise via online/offline job postings.

2. Screening & Assessment

The talent pool will here be narrowed down as we screen and assess all potential candidates from step 1.

Our focus is on the following:

  • Professional profile (by HR)
  • Technical competencies (by CTO)
  • Cultural mindset, business acumen, etc. (by Managing Partners)

3. Proposal

The most qualified and
suitable candidates for
the position(s) will be
presented to you, along with their invoice price,
further information on
notice period, etc.
Interviews will then be
arranged between
yourself and the chosen candidates for your
further assessments.

4. Acceptance

Once the right candidate(s) are chosen, we will together determine a start date, after which all parties sign the employment and commercial agreements provided by us. We will then facilitate the onboarding process of your upcoming new employee through our in-depth onboarding program.

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Contact us today to start planning your future talent acquisitions, regardless if you have already defined your requirements or if you simply need to discuss your ideas and want professional sparring.