Technologies – Libra Resourcing


At LR, we have vast experiences headhunting talents within Microsoft Technologies, whether it be .NET, ASP.Net, C#, VB, J#, etc.


The Balkans, hereunder Macedonia especially, offer many talented developers specialised in JAVA J2EE and JAVA EE.


Macedonia’s¬†experienced developers can deliver a wide range of mobile services within Android and iOS development


A majority of the Balkan Countries offer a large pool of experienced frontend developers, who work with the newest technologies (JAVA, Cordova, Angular, Ionic, AWS, etc.)


SQL screening is mandatory for all candidates that undergo our recruitment process, thus resulting in experienced SQL resources (Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL, SQL Server etc.) on behalf of all clients.

Other languages (Cloud, PHP, SAP, Ruby, etc.)

Should you have other specific requirements, such as Cloud, PHP, SAP, Ruby, or something entirely different, contact us today to hear more about your possibilities in Macedonia.